Profile: James B. Comey – Liar or Patriot?

JamesComeyCropped Liar or Patriot? As most things, it really depends on your point of view. Those on the communist left would consider him a patriot, as his lies support their beliefs. Those on the right generally consider him a liar, despite that his actions and words mostly support their point of view, even if Comey himself never intended that to be the case. But the truth is most people don’t know who he is and could care less. That is part of living in a democracy. We have as much right to an opinion as we do to not have one at all. As for my opinion, I’m sure you can guess, but lets examine some facts here first.

  1. He told the world Clinton was careless but not criminal despite evidence to the contrary. This makes him a liar by definition really. There is ample evidence that Hillary Clinton acted criminally with her email server fiasco, and then her and the DNC attempted to cover it up. But the real lie by Comey here was when he said they could not prosecute because there was no intent to commit the crime. That’s a lie because intent is not a requirement for the crime Hillary committed.
  2. He re-opened the investigation into Hillary just weeks before the election. No one knows his true motivation for doing this. Perhaps it was the many hundreds of letters he received from FBI colleagues calling for his resignation after his dismissal of Hillary’s case, or perhaps it was political positioning of his to show the powers that be that he held Hillary’s future in his hands. Either way, the ultimate result was that his decision here no doubt helped to get trump elected. The right was thrilled – then he closed it again days before the election. Hmmm. Makes one believe the latter option was his real motivation here.
  3. He stated that he doesn’t understand why he was fired and then admitted he was a leaker. This makes him either a moron or a liar, and I’m fairly certain he isn’t a moron. He was fired for several reasons, but the most likely was that he never started the investigation into the leaks that President Trump asked him to begin. His own admission tells us why he never began that investigation.
  4. By his own words, he called himself weak and a coward. During his latest public hearing he actually described himself this way. Although neither admission makes him a liar, it certainly casts doubt on his ability to lead anything, let alone the FBI. So inadvertently, he certainly confirmed that President Trump did the right thing by canning him.
  5. During the hearing his body language betrays his deceptions. Anyone who managed to sit through the 3 hour plus hearing could plainly see when he was lying and when he wasn’t. Despite his obvious intelligence, Comey is not good at hiding when he lies. The most obvious point was when he said the reports of his colleagues not respecting him were lies. Don’t believe me? Watch it again.
  6. He threw Obama AG Loretta Lynch under the bus during his testimony. And he did so for no reason really, being the most damaging testimony to her as an add-on by Comey that was not asked for. Perhaps this was payback for having to cover for her earlier?
  7. He threw the New York Times under the bus basically calling them Fake news. Wonder what his motivation here was? Did they print a bad story about him sometime in the past? I may have to look into it.
  8. He admitted Trump was never under investigation, but did not publically announce it like he did for Clinton. This shows his double standard which for a supposed non politically aligned FBI director is more than troubling.

So although I would consider him a liar, as I believe most reasonable people would, the communist left would see him as a patriot. A self sacrifice for their greater good. But in their eyes, is that really their truth, or would they consider him to be more of a useful idiot?

At any rate, his own words and actions have proved him to be a political player and unworthy of the FBI. President Trump did the right thing by getting rid of him, but he should have done it on day 1 of office. The signs of Comey’s unfitness were already quite clear even then. Just ask Hillary Clinton.

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