Flat Earth Theory?

➽ OK, so this was very strange. I was bored and browsing around youtube when I came across a video that FlatEarth1was about something called Flat Earth Theory. Now this is something that I thought was settled back in the 1400’s or whenever – a long time ago at any rate, but apparently this is a theory that has been gaining steam lately.

To make a long story short, i watched the 40 minute video and by the end i was amazed…

that anyone in their right mind could actually believe that garbage. Needless to say, I left a comment behind. I was friendly and polite, but did indicate what I thought of their ‘theory’:

Flat Earth response

If I get any kind of intelligent response, I’ll let you know, but a lot of the time on youtube, discussions like this tend to degenerate into name calling and I won’t waste time with that.

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