Should Puerto Rico become a US State?

Puerto Rico 1

There is no denying the beauty of Puerto Rico and after its 5th referendum on statehood, 97% of the vote was in favor of the idea of becoming a US state. So what’s the problem? Only 23% of the people of this US Territory voted in the referendum. So the majority of the people seem apathetic to the idea. I can relate. Would becoming a state benefit them, or perhaps more importantly, would if benefit the United States? Let’s examine the facts…

What most Puerto Rico 2people think of when they hear about Puerto Rico is long sand beaches, beauties in bikinis, sunshine, basically a tropical paradise. Well that paradise has a few issues as you’ll soon see…


Puerto Rico is $123 billion in debt. That’s 69.2% of their GDP!

  1. Puerto Rico is 123 billion in debt. that works out to $36,000 per resident of debt. It’s also 69.2% of their GDP. Absolutely crazy. If they become a state, that debt would likely then gPuerto Rico 3et owned by the American taxpayer.
  2. Half the population of Puerto Rico is on public assistance and the territory has a 14% unemployment rate. That rate is based on only a 40% labor participation rate, which means the real unemployment rate is many times higher then 14%. More economic turmoil that would then be passed to the American taxpayer.
  3. 87% of the people of Puerto Rico income comes from the state. That is staggering. And the average income per capita is only $11,400 – that’s well below the US poverty rate.
  4. Puerto Rico has a 3 billion dollar per year drug trade. Not as bad as say Mexico, but not far off either. With drug crime this high you also get the inevitable corruption that seems to seep into government, again, like Mexico. In fact Puerto Rico easily leads the US in public corruption cases.
  5. Education levels of native Puerto Ric-ans are rather pathetic. In a recent test 95% of those tested graded below basic levels in math. Just what the US needs, more workers who can’t help out in a society that is seeing more and more automation.
  6. Democrats greatly support Puerto Rico’s wish for statehood. Why? Because 80% of those on government assistance will vote liberal. So this gives them another sure win in the electoral college system of the US. Democrats are not below buying votes with your money.

If none of this convinces you that statehood for Puerto Rico is probably a bad idea, well then there isn’t anything else I can say to persuade you. Statehood decisions fall on congress, so if you want to keep your taxes low or want to help stop the Democrats from polluting our democratic republic, then contact your state representative and congressman and make sure they know how bad an idea this is.

» Much of the information here was provided by Stefan Molyneux. Visit his post on this topic on Youtube.

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