CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Legitimizes Political Violence

Came across this video on Youtube today. It’s implications are quite alarming.

“Perhaps he wasn’t evil, just tired of the politics” – Wolf Blitzer

Update: In what has become ‘normal’ on youtube, they censored the original video I had posted here. Fortunately I downloaded it and also had an alternate source on hand, knowing full well this was going to happen. The left is nothing if not predictable. They say they are for free speech but then sensor the truth from us. Anyway, the above is now the alternate source to the original video. Only the first 12 seconds are the same as the original video I found.

Just tired of the politics??? So in Wolf Blitzer’s and CNN’s mind if you’re tired of politics, its OK to pick up a gun and shoot at unarmed men playing baseball in an open park in the middle of of a residential area. It’s OK to shoot back at police and try to kill them when they are defending people you don’t agree with. So extreme violence is OK to employ against those who you disagree with politically. There is a term for this kind of thinking. Its called Civil War.

Now its true that Wolf only repeated the words of a friend of the shooter, but he accepted those words and did not confront the man about them in any way. This means he condones them, accepts them as they were spoken. And by doing so with his position as a broadcaster on a large international network, he has legitimized that opinion to the world. Its OK to try to kill those you disagree with. Really Wolf? Really? If Wolf Blitzer isn’t fired by tomorrow then we know CNN also agrees with this position.

So much for free speech. This is now the world we live in thanks to the Communist Left. Welcome to the New World Order.

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