Tom Arnold Threatens a right wing Journalist with Violence


➽ After reading a tweet by a highly respected right wing journalist, Tom Arnold tweets him and threatens violence. Mike Cernovich tweeted out some facts about the Virginia GOP shooter and Tom didn’t appreciate hearing the truth very much…

Mike Cernovich tweeted the following:


Tom Arnold replied with the following tweet:


Really Tom? Maybe Tom needs to read some real news once in awhile. The fact is the shooter was a Democrat who volunteered with the Bernie Sanders campaign and his social media was littered with Trump hate. Why is Tom offended by that? And why does he also throw Muslims under the bus? Sorry to point out your ignorance Tom, but not all Muslims are terrorists. I’m pretty sure this is even a leftist mantra that you should know.

Naturally Tom Arnold’s tweet then launched a massive counter tweet storm by republicans and he was foolish enough to engage them for awhile. Most were typically insulting or funny, but this one was quite informative:


Of course, I’m sure if one tried, an equal list of republicans could be found with a similar list of atrocities, but why ruin the moment.

At least we can still count on celebrities to entertain us, only now its not with their talent, but rather with their stupidity.

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