Is PM Justin Trudeau really just another Trump when it comes to the environment?


When he was first elected, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau couldn’t get on a plane and get over to Europe fast enough to hand over 10 billion dollars and sign the Paris Agreement. He openly speaks about the importance of looking after the environment and fighting climate change and openly insults those he sees as ‘climate deniers’.  Yet he quietly orders the construction of an oil pipeline to the west coast…And this isn’t just any ordinary oil or heavy crude. It’s what the industry terms as bitumen. Bitumen is very impure and full of contaminants that requires intensive water techniques to strip mine giant chunks of land to extract it. It’s an extremely unfriendly process to the local environment, and contaminates the rivers with toxic heavy metals and other elements such as sulfur, carbon and nitrogen.


There is an estimated 173 billion barrels of it in Alberta, but it needs to get to the west coast to the Asian market. So despite his very public support of the environment, PM Trudeau ordered the construction of the pipeline. No debate. No questions, no answers. It will be going through sensitive environmental areas, and through the mountains to the coast.

Now there is still a huge debate over oil pipelines to truck and rail shipping, and no one really knows which is safer. The pipelines are fixed structures and easy targets by any enviro terrorist, storms, or earthquakes, while trucks and trains are tougher moving targets, but far more prone to human and mechanical failure. So that debate is kind of a wash.

One thing we do know, is that shipping oil by pipeline is far cheaper, and despite what supporters say, that is the real motivation for pipelines.

oilsands2 oilsands3

So which is it Mr. Trudeau? Why not pick a side rather than say and preach one thing and then do another. That would be the honest way. That is what Trump does. If you really want to be Trump then be Trump, then pick a side and go with it, don’t say one thing and then do another on the down low.

Of course we know he will never do that, as that would take courage and he’d have to actually answer to his constituents then, his liberal base who are very much in support of the environment. So instead of facing his true stance here, expect Trudeau to continue to lie and evade questions about the priority he has placed on the oil industry over the environment. Then come the election in 2 years, the conservatives will hammer him for his deception to the public just in time for the next election. So be it.

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