Politico and New York Times Journalist says its normal to get shot

RogerSimon➽ Roger Simon, a so called journalist who does pieces for Politico and The New York Times, says its normal for people to get shot and that the Republicans are making too much of the attempted assassination of GOP members. Yes, really. I wonder if he got that from anonymous sources? At any rate, he clearly has never been shot or he would be singing a different tune.

His comments not only minimize a political motivated shooting where 5 were injured, it diminishes the actions of the two Capitol Police officers who risked their lives, getting injured in the process, and saved others. For many, including Rand Paul, have said they only survived thanks to the heroism of the Capital Police who were assigned to Steve Scalise‘s security detail. Don’t believe it, take a look at his own words:

“Getting shot is no big deal in America. About 309 people get shot every day in this country

“Unless they happen to be a member of Congress. And wearing a bright red baseball uniform with the word “Republican” in big, flowing white letters on the front. In that case, getting shot becomes a very big deal.”

After that tripe, he goes on to attack Jeff Sessions just to prove how little integrity, if any, this journalist hack has. If you want the full nauseating effect of his article, go read it HERE.

The sad thing is this isn’t an anomaly. Attitudes like his, driven by hate, is common place on leftest news. I wonder why people who watch and read leftist news become radicalized. Hmmm, that is quite a mystery.

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