Happy 150th Canada!


➽ Canada hits the big 150 today, July 1, 2017. Although the forecast for Ottawa is abysmal, plans for the big 150 celebration on parliament hill is on. And just in time, the Reputation Institute’s latest survey of most reputable countries has given Canada a 1st place finish, up from second place last year. This is the 6th year the survey has been carried out and in that time Canada has never placed worse then 2nd.

One of the biggest drops was by the United States going from 28th down 10 spots to 38th this year. The UK also dropped, falling to 18th, down from 13th last year.


With no surprise, seeing how the liberals are in charge, Canada’s lowest ranking was 5th in the ‘Effective Government’ category, but finished 2nd in the ‘Quality of Life’ category, just behind Australia.

Surprising to me, Canada also finished 1st in the ‘Self Image’ category, meaning Canadians feel the proudest of their nation compared to other citizens of their nations.


In an unrelated note, Canada’s ‘Loonie’ turns 30 years old, having been introduced to much dislike by Canadians back in 1987, in an effort to reduce costs of paper bill replacements. The Twoonie quickly followed, replacing Canada’s 2 dollar bill, a denomination many countries do not have. So sometime in the last 30 years the once disdained Loonie has managed to do a 180 and is now highly regarded by Canadians.

So happy birthday to the Loonie and to Canada!

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