Is The Trump / Sessions Honeymoon Over?


➽ Last week President Donald Trump turned to Twitter to call Jeff Sessions out on his choice to recuse himself over the Russian investigation, a move that has put the Trump administration at risk by allowing a seemingly Democratic partisan Robert Mueller run amok as the special investigator.

Many have backed up Sessions saying he did what he had to do, as it is the law, but the fact is its moral protocol to recuse when you have a conflict during an investigation, not the law. If it were the law them Meuller could be arrested on site as he has multiple conflicts in his current investigation and has not recused himself. The difference is Sessions is a decent and honest man. Meuller is not. And unfortunately decent and honest men will always be beaten by the uncouth as they don’t have any code to adhere to. This is the same reason why Sean Spicer was replaced by Anthony “The mooch” Scaramucci. Spicer is an honest and good man. Scaramucci much less so, hence his nickname.

Now Trump has turned to Twitter again, this time asking why Sessions has never reopened the investigation into Clinton and her email scandal or opened a new investigation into the obvious criminal and collusion with the Russians by the Democratic Party.

Now I’m no AG, but you’d think James Comey‘s testimony would have opened up enough doors to re-open the investigation into Hillary Clinton.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for trump pushing Sessions out, but pushing him in the right direction is the right thing to do, but if we don’t soon see some action on the Clinton front it may be time for Trump to move onto a new AG. That is certainly the position he has taken with this latest tweet.



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