Tom Arnold Threatens a right wing Journalist with Violence


➽ After reading a tweet by a highly respected right wing journalist, Tom Arnold tweets him and threatens violence. Mike Cernovich tweeted out some facts about the Virginia GOP shooter and Tom didn’t appreciate hearing the truth very much…

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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Legitimizes Political Violence

Came across this video on Youtube today. It’s implications are quite alarming.

“Perhaps he wasn’t evil, just tired of the politics” – Wolf Blitzer

Update: In what has become ‘normal’ on youtube, they censored the original video I had posted here. Fortunately I downloaded it and also had an alternate source on hand, knowing full well this was going to happen. The left is nothing if not predictable. They say they are for free speech but then sensor the truth from us. Anyway, the above is now the alternate source to the original video. Only the first 12 seconds are the same as the original video I found.

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Steve Scalise, Republican Whip shot

➽ Steve Scalise, the Republican House of Representatives Majority Whip and representative for Louisiana was shot this morning in a Alexandria, Virginia ballpark

Steve Scalise

while participating in a practice as the Republicans prepared for their annual charity Congressional baseball game that was to take place tomorrow. Four others, including the gunman were also shot.

Capital Hill police responded quickly, at least one being shot in the process of protecting the representatives and their aids while also taking down the shooter. Rand Paul was one of the Republican representatives participating in the practice and his opinion was clear.

“Without the Capitol Hill police it would have been a massacre” – Rand Paul

The gunman was shot, but is still alive so more answers will be coming. As of this writing, no other information on the gunman has been released.

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Should Puerto Rico become a US State?

Puerto Rico 1

There is no denying the beauty of Puerto Rico and after its 5th referendum on statehood, 97% of the vote was in favor of the idea of becoming a US state. So what’s the problem? Only 23% of the people of this US Territory voted in the referendum. So the majority of the people seem apathetic to the idea. I can relate. Would becoming a state benefit them, or perhaps more importantly, would if benefit the United States? Let’s examine the facts… Continue reading “Should Puerto Rico become a US State?”

Profile: James B. Comey – Liar or Patriot?

JamesComeyCropped Liar or Patriot? As most things, it really depends on your point of view. Those on the communist left would consider him a patriot, as his lies support their beliefs. Those on the right generally consider him a liar, despite that his actions and words mostly support their point of view, even if Comey himself never intended that to be the case. But the truth is most people don’t know who he is and could care less. That is part of living in a democracy. We have as much right to an opinion as we do to not have one at all. As for my opinion, I’m sure you can guess, but lets examine some facts here first.

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