Delaware Legalizes Murder

John C. Carney Jr➽ John C. Carney Jr, governor of Delaware, Democrat of course, Just signed a bill that removes all restrictions on abortion in the state, allowing the murder of a child at any time during the pregnancy. I wonder if the doctors wait for them to be born and then club them to death like someone would a baby seal?

Pro-abortion activists applauded the new law of course. Lobbyists spent over $100,000 in adverts and other promotions to get the law past.

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Demi Rose is wearing a Lawn Chair?


➽ Demi Rose, a 22 year old model, is caught outside of a magazine party in a tight sheer dress that looks like a lawn chair I had back in the 80’s. Even the color is the same. Now it wasn’t quite the same attractive shape, but I don’t think you really want to look like a lawn chair no matter where you are. Her shoes are nice though.

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Justin Trudeau makes it illegal to use Wrong Gender Pronouns in Canada

Trudeau2➽ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, continues to attack free speech in Canada as his new law now makes it illegal to use the wrong Gender Pronouns. This new law makes doing so a ‘hate crime’ punishable by time in prison. This effectively forces the ludicrous progressive gender theory on the sane.

Earlier this year Trudeau began his assault on free speech when parlament passed M-103, a motion that makes talking ill of Islam illegal, but its still OK to criticize any other religion.

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Man does crime to Escape Wife?


Thought this was funny enough to share. The Daily Wire reports that Lawrence John Ripple, 71, robbed a bank in order to get away from his wife. No kidding.

Before he left to rob the bank, he told his wife that he would rather be in jail then be with her.

The punchline is that in the end, his sentence for the crime was home confinement. Looks like divorce might be the only answer to his problems now.


Kylie Jenner in 80’s Style Ripped Jeans

Kylie Jenner1Kylie Jenner2Kylie Jenner3Kylie Jenner4

➽ Kylie Jenner is spotted around town sporting 80’s style ripped jeans, or a new version of them at any rate. I guess you could more call them tattered jeans as the damage is more exaggerated then it was in the 80’s. She isn’t the first celeb caught in this style recently either as the fashion seems to be making a no doubt brief comeback. More importantly, and what seems to be a trend that is more then just a fab is that hip hugger jeans seem to have disappeared and were back to the 80’s style high cut waist style. Thanks goodness. Hip huggers stuck around way to long for my liking.

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Kim Kardashian, Nipple Gate?

➽ No, this is not a political hit piece. I’m not even 100% sure how the Kardashian’s got famous, but I suspect from a reality show? Since I don’t watch TV I can’t say for sure and Kim Kardashian4don’t care enough to look it up. All I know is she did get caught out in about in a bra-less state, sporting a tank top and track pants, a very casual look, except for the part about her top being fairly sheer, not that many men are complaining about it.

Now I can understand it if it was over 80 degrees with 90% humidity, but I suspect her wardrobe choice was more about getting attention then just being comfortable. And lets face it, she’s a beautiful woman, from the waist up at any rate. I’m not sure what is going on down below that. To me she simply looks deformed. Does she have hip or butt implants in there, maybe both? Not really sure, but something is going on down there as she simply doesn’t look natural, but maybe its just me.

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