Should Puerto Rico become a US State?

Puerto Rico 1

There is no denying the beauty of Puerto Rico and after its 5th referendum on statehood, 97% of the vote was in favor of the idea of becoming a US state. So what’s the problem? Only 23% of the people of this US Territory voted in the referendum. So the majority of the people seem apathetic to the idea. I can relate. Would becoming a state benefit them, or perhaps more importantly, would if benefit the United States? Let’s examine the facts… Continue reading “Should Puerto Rico become a US State?”

Movie Review: Wonder Woman


There will be NO SPOILERS during this review, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you are safe to continue reading. I don’t see too many movies these days, so don’t expect this to be a blog regular feature.

➽ Gal Gadot, whom I’ve never heard of before, stars with Chris Pine in this latest vehicle of bringing the comics to the big screen. Now, I’ve never followed the  Continue reading “Movie Review: Wonder Woman”

Swimsuit fashion going 80’s retro?

Kourtney Kardashian 4Kourtney Kardashian 1Kourtney Kardashian 2Kourtney Kardashian 3Kourtney Kardashian 5

➽ Are the new women’s swimsuits going back to the high cut and flowing style of the 80’s?  Kourtney Kardashian‘s latest beach pictures would seem to say yes to that question. This suit reminds me of the kind of ‘scenery’ we would see during a Magnum PI episode. Could it be that women’s navels will now be covered up in the name of style instead of exposed in the name of flaunting bling belly piercings like they have been for the past 20 years? Only time will tell.

To see more of the beauty of Kourtney, click HERE.

Profile: James B. Comey – Liar or Patriot?

JamesComeyCropped Liar or Patriot? As most things, it really depends on your point of view. Those on the communist left would consider him a patriot, as his lies support their beliefs. Those on the right generally consider him a liar, despite that his actions and words mostly support their point of view, even if Comey himself never intended that to be the case. But the truth is most people don’t know who he is and could care less. That is part of living in a democracy. We have as much right to an opinion as we do to not have one at all. As for my opinion, I’m sure you can guess, but lets examine some facts here first.

Continue reading “Profile: James B. Comey – Liar or Patriot?”

Post One

Welcome to my new blog. If you’re expecting enlightenment then you have come to the wrong place. Although I intend to explore some serious topics along the way, I don’t expect anyone to take me too seriously. I am, after all, generally apathetic.

I may also get bored of it all very quickly or become so serious about it all that I will continue entries until my death. Either way, expect this blog to end suddenly.
Expect an array of topics. I’ll try to categorize them appropriately, but no promises. Bottom line is all of these entries are my opinion only. Feel free to disagree with anything I say, in fact i welcome it.

Knowledge grows through disagreement.