CNN Resorts to Extortion and Blackmail?

➽ CNN found the originator of the Trump CNN smack-down video and contacted the Reddit user via email. We don’t know what the email


said, but shortly after the Reddit poster contacted CNN and apologized, which is fine, but kinda sad seeing how it was a joke.

CNN and other leftist media took it as a serious threat of violence against journalists. Not at all a surprise really as they have shown their lack of humor many times in the past.

CNN’s action of hunting down the originator of the video really says a lot about them. Too bad they weren’t this tenacious in the search for truth in their journalism. This past week proves clearly how utterly lacking in standards CNN is. And now those lack of standards have really put them in a position of possible criminal prosecution.

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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Legitimizes Political Violence

Came across this video on Youtube today. It’s implications are quite alarming.

“Perhaps he wasn’t evil, just tired of the politics” – Wolf Blitzer

Update: In what has become ‘normal’ on youtube, they censored the original video I had posted here. Fortunately I downloaded it and also had an alternate source on hand, knowing full well this was going to happen. The left is nothing if not predictable. They say they are for free speech but then sensor the truth from us. Anyway, the above is now the alternate source to the original video. Only the first 12 seconds are the same as the original video I found.

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