Politico and New York Times Journalist says its normal to get shot

RogerSimon➽ Roger Simon, a so called journalist who does pieces for Politico and The New York Times, says its normal for people to get shot and that the Republicans are making too much of the attempted assassination of GOP members. Yes, really. I wonder if he got that from anonymous sources? At any rate, he clearly has never been shot or he would be singing a different tune. Continue reading “Politico and New York Times Journalist says its normal to get shot”

Steve Scalise, Republican Whip shot

➽ Steve Scalise, the Republican House of Representatives Majority Whip and representative for Louisiana was shot this morning in a Alexandria, Virginia ballpark

Steve Scalise

while participating in a practice as the Republicans prepared for their annual charity Congressional baseball game that was to take place tomorrow. Four others, including the gunman were also shot.

Capital Hill police responded quickly, at least one being shot in the process of protecting the representatives and their aids while also taking down the shooter. Rand Paul was one of the Republican representatives participating in the practice and his opinion was clear.

“Without the Capitol Hill police it would have been a massacre” – Rand Paul

The gunman was shot, but is still alive so more answers will be coming. As of this writing, no other information on the gunman has been released.

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